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Located at the central part of New District of Eastern Quwo County Seat, Jin Garden covers an area of 318 mu (equal to 212,000 square meters), which includes a green area of  185 mu (123,333 square meters), a water area of 70 mu (46,666 square meters) as well as antique-style architecture groups of 3,500 square meters. From a bird’s view, the whole design of the garden resembles the image of the inlaid brass kettle, which is now a special-grade cultural relic dated to the mid and late of the Spring and Autumn Period. The garden consists of three parts: Ten-thousand People’s Square in the north, Jin Captial Culture Exhibition Center in the middle, which composed of Cultural Center, library, County Exhibition Hall, Archives Center, Recreation Center for the Elders, Jin Capital Theater and Meeting Hall, and Ruyi Lake in the south. With the theme of Jin (short name for Shanxi Province) culture, all the architecture and landscape in the garden have adopted the elements from Chinese idiom culture and couplet culture, summarized with “One Center, One Lake, Two Belts, Ten Attractions and Thirty Scenic Spots”, including 19 relief carvings depicting idiom stories about Jin State,6 groups of bronze statues and 39 pairs of couplets representing Jin culture.

The construction of Jin Garden started in April, 2012 and completed in November, 2014. Jin Garden is now the only classical garden scenic area featured with Jin culture  in China.

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