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Qu Wo is "the source of the three Jins, the hometown of the Jin capital". In the 1990s, the discovery of the ruins of "Qucun Village-Tianma" set the dust for the beginning of the Jin Dynasty disputed for thousands of years, and Qu Wo was "the place where Shuyu sealed the Tang Dynasty and the birthplace of the Three Jin Dynasty". More than two thousand years ago, the Jin Wengong, one of the Spring and Autumn Five Powers that ruled the Central Plains, built on this center and established the Huanghuang Hegemony for one and a half centuries. In the vicissitudes of more than 600 years, the splendid Jin civilization It left a valuable spiritual cultural wealth for this fertile land. Relying on the unique resource advantage of Jin culture, the "Jin Garden" built for "Jinyuan" is the first one successfully created by Quwo County in the large-scale construction of the national all-region tourism demonstration area-six districts and four parks. Benchmark classical garden scenic area.

Entrance arch

The entrance archway is the main gate of Jinyuan Garden, decorated with brick carvings and magnificent tall. The forehead carving "Jin Yuan" on the front is the Tang Kaiyan body; on the back is the wo

Jin Palace

"Historical Records of the Jin Family" contains: "Ren Yin, who is in the Jin division. Bing Wu, in Quwo. Ding Wei, headed to the Wugong Palace, succeeded Jin Jun, and served as Wen Gong." This magnifi

Jindu Culture Exhibition Center

Based on the meaning of Jin Wengong's "prestige in all directions" and "upholding the princes in order to lead the princes", it integrates "five halls and one hall". Its shape is like a chariot on a g

Wen shi gong fang

Wengongfang is the "flagship" of the Jin State warship. It was called "Pang" in ancient times. It was a huge water power during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. Its model is now preserved in Shanghai Museum. Located in Ruyi lake, Wengong stone boat is beautiful and magnificent. Now it is a place for tourists to enjoy tea and hold Jin culture salon.
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