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Hetang Moonlight Scenic Area

(Summary description)Scenic Name: National AA Scenic Spot of Moonlight in Hetang<br/>
Opening hours: open all day<br/>
Scenic phone: 0357-5523000

Hetang Moonlight Scenic Area

(Summary description)Scenic Name: National AA Scenic Spot of Moonlight in Hetang<br/>
Opening hours: open all day<br/>
Scenic phone: 0357-5523000


Scenic Name: National AA Scenic Spot of Moonlight in Hetang

Opening hours: open all day

Scenic phone: 0357-5523000

Scenic location: west of Gaoyang Village, Gaoxian Town, Quwo County

Huohou Class I Highway → Gaoxian Town → Gaoyang Village → Hetang Night

Ticket price: no ticket

Scenic area attribute: theme park

  Established in 2014, Hetang Moonlight Scenic Area covers an area of ​​350 acres and has an investment of 40 million yuan. It is located in Jinzhiyuan Gaoxian Fenhe Tidal Flat Recycling Agricultural Park (one of the eight major agricultural parks in Quwo County). It integrates ecological restoration and protection, leisure and vacation, and culture Inheritance, catering and entertainment as a whole, with the development of circular agriculture as the business concept, with catering and entertainment as an effective carrier for the development of modern agriculture, through agricultural tourism and rural life experience, leisure entertainment and agriculture are organically combined to build a personalized characteristic resort . In the overflowing environment of lotus, let people have a new feeling of nature.

  The resort has a water park built with large-scale clearance tracks and children's play facilities. After the project opened on August 2, 2014, thousands of tourists ushered in the first week to win the prize.

  Calligraphy and painting exhibition hall. The exhibition hall hangs painting and calligraphy works of Gao Xian farmers and calligraphers, calligraphy and painting lovers from all walks of life, as well as photographic works (with lotus as the theme), which has played a good role in promoting and promoting the cultural treasure of Gao Xian painting and calligraphy.

  Construction of farmhouse. It consists of 4 wooden houses for dining and 3 octagonal pavilions. The wooden houses are built around the ecological water surface. The structure of the restaurant is made of wood. The entire resort is equipped with light music that makes people feel happy. It constitutes a fresh, natural and unique dining and holiday environment for tourists. .

  Landscape ecological water surface. On the basis of the original 20 acres of ecological water surface of the park in 2013, 20 acres were newly added to develop the ecological farming of lotus fish co-cultivation and provide tourists with a good place for fishing.

  The lotus pond is expanded by 150 acres. The construction of Jinzhiyuan Agricultural Park has beneficially expanded the influence of the local lotus root, so the lotus pond moonlight further expanded the lotus root cultivation area in 2015, and cultivated 50 acres of ornamental lotus, in order to better combine tourism and agriculture .

  Realistic version of QQ farm. In line with the concept of letting children "keep away from computer to steal vegetables to promote health, enter the field to grow vegetables" knowledge, vigorously develop pollution-free fruits and vegetables, while attracting children to deep into the healthy growth of nature.

  The implementation of the above projects makes the resort a tourist area integrating sightseeing, leisure and entertainment. Let the tourists relax wholeheartedly and once again feel the comfortable enjoyment brought by the modern agricultural park.





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